My Approach

What approach to therapy do I take?

Coming to therapy can be and in fact it is a bit scary and many questions may possibly arise:

What should I say to the therapist? Will I lie on a couch and the professional will sit behind me with a notebook? Will the therapist tell me what to do and how to do it?! These are a few of the questions that you may have and they are totally normal. There is nothing to be ashamed of it.

You are on the right path, you already took the first step to liberate those feelings.

I believe that the person is not the problem, rather the intended solutions to those problems.

How I see it, coming to therapy it is a changing chance for you to feel liberated in a safe environment where you can talk freely about whatever you may think is important for you to change and/or to improve in your life. Being in therapy is a helpful way to get the help needed and to perceive life with a different pair of eyes and slowly walk towards a potential “solutions”!

The first face-to-face session is a big one, it is the time when we get to know each other and together find out if I am the adequate therapist/counsellor for you.

My approach, I do therapy as a process of listening, by actively participating in the conversation, opening a channel of communication and together find out possible solutions. What I seek in therapy it is to HELP YOU to reconnect with YOUR OWN creativity, by identifying YOUR INNER resources in order to use your full potential and to open a better channel of communication in the relationships with your significant others.

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Frequency of the session:

The first therapeutic service will have a weekly frequency, until a progress is visualized. The frequency of the therapeutic session is dictated by the therapist, in coordination with the members of the family nucleus.

Office hours by appointment:

From Monday to Friday: 9:00h-19:00h

Duration of the therapeutic session (s):

All therapeutic sessions will last 55 minutes.

DaniloDomínguez – Family Therapy


What are the situations in which Systemic Family Therapy is recommended?

With the appearance of conflicts and the breakdown of communication in the family.

Situations of integration in society, such as in case of immigration.

Domestic violence


Systemic Family Therapy uses the resources of each family member, the abilities of each one of the members and the specific condition of each family context, as a therapeutic resource.

Systemic Family Therapy uses new ways of communication among the family members, proposing a different perspective when dealing with ventilating, resolving and working on conflicts; In this way the family has an opportunity to learn to support itself emotionally, and be able to establish together the guidelines for a better coexistence, where all the members will win.

Life is like a bicycle, it is not only knowing how to ride it, but keeping a balance

Dott. Danilo Domínguez

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