Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

What is Couples Therapy?

In the union and coexistence between two human beings tensions can arise, flourishing the best and the worst of each individual.

Couples Therapy is the tool to face the challenges that could appear. The result is the consummation of a common project between the two individuals, where there are influences from the family and from the social and cultural environment.

It is recommended to attend therapy when a crisis is coming up. It is the stage in which the couple has the responsibility to face and to overcome different challenges.

What are the situations in which Couples Therapy is recommended?

Situations with communication, constant arguments, problems to reach a mutual agreement, emotional and affective detachment.

Different opinions about the rules of parenting and education of the child(ren).

Suspicion of infidelity and jealousy.

Loss of sexual desire.

The experienced difficulties of frustration and suffering, if not addressed, can become chronic difficulties, ruining the relationship between the couple.

The intervention in Couples Therapy with a systemic approach would be focused on helping the couple understanding what is happening, encouraging communication between the couple, the verbalization of feelings under a climate of mutual respect, trust, and offering tools to reach consensus and agreements.

Couples Therapy is a facilitating instrument to settle the future projects of the couple, where they can value what they get from the other, avoiding the routine. In case of crisis, emphasis will be placed on the abilities of each one to continue the negotiation by making the decision of continuity or separation.