We are living in times that demand the most from each of us, the governments, and society. COVID-19 or the coronavirus has imposed a change in our tasks and families, and our daily lives in one way or another have been affected to a greater extent. With this text I intend to make a call for reflection. To look at ourselves from the inside and ask ourselves what tool or tools we can use to overcome this stage and be able to offer a voice of encouragement to my family, friends and the community! The good news is that we all have a high-caliber tool called RESILIENCE. It offers us one of the most important and powerful blankets, in which we can find comfort and refuge to get through this time.

At the present time and time of worldwide health difficulty, we all need to be aware of our own tools, such as, RESILIENCE. Let’s take a moment and reflect how we can put RESILIENCE into practice. For example together let´s look at nature and how it is able to work its way out all the obstacles, allows to look at our surroundings, a tree, a duck, a river, just to mention a few, despite all the adversities, such as pollution, they fight, stay and they overcome all obstacles, so during this rather difficult time, one of our task is to know that we are not alone, we own RESILIENCE a powerful tool that we all can use right now. Not only RESILIENCE, we also have the family network support.

Here it is an exercise for all of us.

We must remember to enjoy a delicious dinner with our families, communicate via videoconference with our loved ones, acquaintances, listen to a songs that allow to get away and allow us to travel figuratively to different places, places, where we have been, or places that we dream of traveling one day. What I would like to share with all of you with this text is a message of faith and hope that we will get out of this current situation. We are not ALONE we have RESILIENCE.

The WHY is not the question to be asked, rather the question to be ASKED is what can I learn from the current situation and what can we learn from a social crisis?

What happens to our brain in a situation of uncertainty like the current one! The same (BRAIN) of course is trained for these eventualities. but reacts against to improvisation and not being able to know how to continue leads to fear, which is nothing more than a form of protection. I would like to mention that those feelings that we all feel and / or have felt more than once are normal, we are not alone, we have RESILIENCE and a supportive social network. Someone once during my university studies in Miami, USA, asked ME, what is fear for you? What can you learn from it?

In the colors we find the messages, our task is to select with which color we would like to draw the current situation.

Dott. Danilo Dominguez