Transcultural Therapy

Transcultural Therapy

What Is Transcultural Therapy?

If you are looking to improve your quality of life and get past your transcultural feelings, I am the right therapist/counselor for you. Why? Because for years, I have struggled to find my own way to be accepted for my background and for who I am.

Offers the clients and their family’s members an opportunity to talk about all the socio-cultural and emotional differences, the family`s values, migration process and integration in the new land.

In Transcultural Therapy we are working on different aspects, such as, self-discovery (who am I?), identity crisis, anxiety, depression, being “different”, but one of the most powerful thing that we are going to be working together, the HERE I AM, the NOW, the TODAY, and without having to lose a sense of who we are and without forgetting our backgrounds, but at the same time incorporating the new values.

Transcultural Therapy gives us a chance to look deeper in our own skin and to see those things that are making us uncomfortable with a different pair of eyes and allows us to work though those issues and to see how the outside world is affecting us in many ways, simultaneously finding solutions to keep on moving.