Symptoms of Hopelessness & Helplessness


Symptoms of Hopelessness & Helplessness

Family TherapyIn my years of practice as a psychotherapist/ Family Therapist, I have had many clients coming to my office, often complaining and expressing lack or loss of interest, energy, and motivation.

I proceeded to ask them questions to try to find out what type of events or circumstance in their life brought them to feel so emotionally distressed?  Unfortunately, many of them are NOT willing to go into full details on how they reached this low point in their lives.  Seems they are afraid to relieve the pain of the event(s) that caused their suffering, but who can blame them, it is normal human behaviour.

Most human beings try to avoid thinking of the event by shielding themselves or not talking about it, as they feel that relieving the pain will open old wounds.  How is this possible?!  Their suffering and shame are so deep, that it is practically embedded in their minds and souls, which in turn causes the ultimate in suffering and limits them to speak out and to search deeply into their souls and be able to see and accept what those things are!

However, sometimes, humans choose to keep things the way they are, (remain in pain) although they secretly want a way out, but the fear holds them back and somehow that frustration becomes their comfort zone.  Others are so isolated and helpless in their minds, that they feel they have no interest or energy left to do the work that is needed to move on in life and leave the past and hurt behind.

The best advice I can offer to my clients is, if they want to see progress and find their way back to life, is to start by accepting the situation and working together with me one day at a time.  To trust and allow me to be their co-pilot and guide to a healthier and happier lifestyle. The main goal here is to help their wellbeing and to allow them to release the pain and guilt of their past.   By doing this I strongly believe that they are going recover their interest and motivation in life.  Look deeply within yourselves and to ask what is it making them feel this way and what can they do about it?  ONLY one thing and one thing ONLY to talk freely to a professional and NEVER FEEL ASHAMED or EMBARESSED of anything, NO ONE is PERFECT.

Remember, you were all created as perfect beings to live the best lives and become the best versions of yourselves.  No one is better than you and that life is a journey with long, sharp roads ahead.  Life will always bring you challenges and obstacles to your path.  The key is to know when to face the obstacles or when to go around them.  Only you can make that choice.  You ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE to live, it is UP to YOU how you want to live it.  Beauty and happiness are all around you.  Not everything is as it seems and even the darkest of days, can bring light into your life.  Never LEAVE FOR TOMORROW, what you CAN ACCOMPLISH TODAY.

Two very important thoughts to leave you with:

  1. Life happens for me, not to me.
  2. Live in peace and not in pieces.

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