Family Therapy

Family Therapy

What Is Family Therapy?

Family and Systemic Psychotherapy is part of psychology. Systemic intervention is a therapeutic/psychotherapy discipline applied to any psychological problem, it focuses on family systems and subsystems, being useful to treat a wide range of problematic situations, disorders, depression, as well as training families to direct the attention from the individual to the nuclear.

Systemic Family Psychotherapy visualizes the family nucleus as a system in which the members act in a personalized way that identifies them. Each individual carries a particular type of behavioral communication, just as each family nucleus has its own.

Family Therapy and Systemic Psychotherapy see the family nucleus as the source of the symptom. The discomforts have their origin in the dysfunctional dynamic that is part of the family, but it is also the family itself that has the resources to solve them.

The Family Therapy and Systemic Psychotherapy is based on Individual Therapy, Couple Therapy and Family Therapy.

Family Therapy Dominguez invites you to consider Systemic Methods as a way to approach what is happening right now in your family nucleus and as an opportunity to reflect on important relationships and find ways forward. The Systemic Therapist will work together with you to empower and to help you maximizing your resources and polishing the family’s tools. Systemic Therapy will work with you to redesign your map.